Recommend IA tools

Here is a list of very useful IA tools with its descriptions

7/3/20231 min read

black and white industrial machine
black and white industrial machine

Here is a list of websites that provide lists of AI tools:

  1. G2 ( G2 is a popular software review platform that offers a comprehensive list of AI tools and software, along with user reviews and ratings.

  2. Analytics Insight ( Analytics Insight covers various aspects of AI and provides a list of AI tools categorized under different domains.

  3. AI Multiple ( AI Multiple offers a curated list of AI tools, including those for natural language processing, computer vision, data analytics, and more.

  4. GitHub Awesome AI ( GitHub hosts an open-source repository called "Awesome AI" that lists a wide range of AI tools, libraries, and resources for developers and researchers.

  5. Towards Data Science ( Towards Data Science is a popular publication on Medium that covers AI, machine learning, and data science topics. They often publish articles featuring lists of AI tools for different purposes.

  6. AI Business ( AI Business covers AI-related news and insights and occasionally publishes lists of AI tools across various industries and applications.

  7. Analytics India Magazine ( Analytics India Magazine is a platform focused on analytics, data science, and AI. They frequently publish articles featuring lists of AI tools and technologies.

  8. AI Time Journal ( AI Time Journal provides news, insights, and interviews related to artificial intelligence. They occasionally publish articles featuring lists of AI tools and platforms.

Please note that the availability and content of these websites may vary, and it's always a good idea to cross-reference the information and conduct additional research to find the most suitable AI tools for your specific needs.

and here are some of my favorite ones

  1. Introducing LearningStudioAI, the next-gen online course creation tool